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Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Privacy

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Privacy

  • What will my friends think?
  • Will this affect my job?
  • What about my family, will they know?

These are questions that many people have when they decide to file for bankruptcy. Your privacy and comfort with the process is important to us. While it is natural to be concerned about who will find out, it is important to know that we will make sure that we completely protect your confidentiality. If you have questions about privacy in bankruptcy or questions in general about bankruptcy, please contact us at our Pottstown, PA bankruptcy and debt relief law firm.

Many people are worried about Privacy when they are thinking about filing for Bankruptcy:

You may have heard previously that people who declare bankruptcy have their names printed in the newspaper, however this is not true. Only corporations who file bankruptcy are reported in the newspaper.

The Bankruptcy Docket is the only place that your name will be published, as well as your personal credit report. For the most part, only lawyers and your creditors will see the Bankruptcy Docket.

We can assure you that your privacy is protected

No one in your personal life will know that you filed for bankruptcy unless you tell them. This includes your employer, your parents, siblings, or your friends. Most likely, the only way your family, friends, and employer will find out about your Bankruptcy is if you tell them.

Your employer cannot discriminate against you because you declared bankruptcy

In most cases, your employer will never know that you filed bankruptcy. Even if they do discover this, there are federal laws in place that prohibit discrimination based on a person’s choice to file bankruptcy. You cannot be fired, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against based on your bankruptcy filing.

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