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Bankruptcy for Senior Citizens

Bankruptcy for Senior Citizens

Many older Pennsylvanians are living on a fixed income, and sometimes it may feel like a struggle just to maintain the same standard of living. When something unexpected happens such as serious illness or injury, household expenses may skyrocket out of control. Medication costs increase, credit card debt rise, and living expenses may also increase dramatically. If you or a loved one is on a fixed income and has experienced this situation, it may seem like there is no way out.

We Specialize In Bankruptcy For Senior Citizens in Berks, Chester, and Montgomery County, Pa.

Our Montgomery, Chester, and Berks County bankruptcy attorneys can help you get out of debt and get back on your feet. We develop specific plans that fit your needs. We do not use a “one size fits all” plan that may overlook specific issues with your personal case. We will fight to protect your rights and your needs throughout the entire process.

Privacy In Bankruptcy

Many people have questions regarding who will be able to discover their bankruptcy, and may wonder if their children or friends will learn about it. Your privacy will be completely protected by our office, and is additionally protected by Federal Law.

Bankruptcy For Senior Citizens

We offer discounts for our services to senior citizens. While the price may be lower due to our discount, we can assure you that you will still receive our full and utmost care when dealing with your debt relief needs. We are able to protect the Social Security income or any trusts that you may have from creditors and debt collectors through the bankruptcy protections available.

If your partner or someone close to you has has assigned you as their power of attorney due to being incapacitated in some manner, we will work with you to protect their assets through bankruptcy.

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